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our Work Plan



  • Forming & creating peace clubs where we train the following;
  • Vision setting, setting small projects at school and home, peace exchange letters with schools and countries.
  • Support sports by organizing competition, giving balls in partner schools.
  • Peace Education for behavior change through organizing debates, quizzes, MDD and Essay writing.
  • We Visit schools & give inspiration to teachers and students especially candidates
  • Tree planting in partner schools
  • We operate a Peace Community Health Centre in Kinubi Mparo Division, Hoima municipality
  • We teach primary health care, HIV and AIDS awareness, counseling and testing.
  • Distribution of free treated mosquito nets and reading glasses to the community and sanitary pads to girls in partner schools.
  • We offer free safe male circumcision and family planning
  • Work with communities to clean the existing water sources and participating in routine community cleaning
Social Economic Development Youth :
  • We have Create Peace Soccer and Leadership Academy (CPSLA) where we do the following;
    1. i Train boys and girls to develop talents in football and other games which give them opportunities to get bursaries in schools. The organization provide them with scholastic materials
    2. ii We have hostels for both boys and girls including orphans and children from helpless homes
    3. iiiParticipate in soccer competition at district level, Regional level and National level
    4. iv We give free treatment to our children more so to orphans
    5. v We give the youth skills of identifying, setting and managing small scale projects for self-reliance like Making liquid soap, brick laying and nursery bed preparation
    6. vi Empowering the youth with social leadership skills and being Patriotic
    7. vii We do community work like slashing in the town and helping the elders
  • We train peace ambassadors/peace makers
  • We organize peace retreats/conferences/seminars/workshops to create awareness among the youth
  • We give Spiritual inspiration to the youth through Bible study, prayers, Gospel songs, meditation and reflection
  • Train the youth how to develop mind set (positive thinking) and peace building in their communities
  • Teach the youth the importance of peace and reconciliation among themselves

Women Empowerment

  • Train women with skills for self-reliance like tailoring, beads, liquid soap, bricket, table cloth, basket making etc.
  • Train women to identify and set income generating projects
  • Training women to develop the saving habit and identifying opportunities surrounding them
  • Providing capital/soft loans to our members to startup income generating projects
  • Give them skills in problem solving and conflict resolution

Peace for Environment

  • Planting trees in our communities.
  • Maintaining and protecting the existing trees.
  • Carry out proper campaign/mobilization to the communities about the importance of forests/trees to humanity.
  • Waste management and routine community cleaning like slashing bushy areas around town and collecting polythene papers/bags
  • We encourage environmental friendly activities in women groups like use of blankets, making pillows out of polythene papers


  • We hope to provide clean water to communities since water is the source of life
  • We hope to have a mobile clinic so that we may cover a large community that may not be able to move to hospitals and we give them first aid
  • We hope to startup a vocation institution for our students in order to supplement on government institutions to equip the youth with life supporting skills so that they may cope up with the present situation
  • We hope to distribute free Bibles and Qurans to learning institution in our country if possible even to the neighboring countries
  • We hope to cover all districts in Uganda
  • We hope to operate in all African countries in order to have a Peaceful African continent

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Our main focus of running this campaign is to create awareness to the Youth, Women and Orphans from underdeveloped families/communities to develop their vision and make their dreams come true. This was after realizing what hinder peace in the community like; Early marriage/pregnancies, Defilement, Rape, Torture, Poverty, Domestic violence, Strikes in schools, Denied education, Diseases and Early loss of Parents.

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