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Meet Our Volunteers

Meet Our peace Volunteers

Who is Volunteering at Create Peace project Uganda.

ITC Specialist Valentino Nsengiyumva

Valentino is serving as the IT specialist for Create Peace Project Africa. He is focused and striving to do business and law purposely to defend human rights and justice for African voiceless and the globe.

Youths Fundraising Manager, Aimee Bahati

Aimee is the Youths Fundraising Manager for Create Peace Project Africa based in Houston USA, she is talented and skilled in music dance and drama from where she fundrases resources for the organization through social gatherings/events and churches in order to support young people in poor communities of Africa through CPPU. We are glad having her as one of our donors for the organization mission.

Uganda, Sports Manager Atugonza Moses

Atugonza Moses is an energetic African talented in physical social skills and volunteer manager for sports program at Create Peace Project Uganda. He has offered his talents and skills training to both boys and girls in sports skills since 2011 at the inception of Create Peace Project Uganda. His ability has trained, coached, motivated and inspired many idol youths from different communities of Albertine region in Uganda who have become useful to their communities. Most of his products have explored and now playing in different teams/clubs in the country. the organization has worn Trophies, many awards and prizes due his commitment to serve youths community.

Head Teacher, Ma-Peace Primary School Mwesigwa Thomas

Thomas Mwesigwa is the new experienced Head Teacher of Ma-Peace Primary School for Create Peace Project Uganda. He holds a bachelor's degree in Information Communication and Technology and he is licensed in teaching by the ministry of education and sports in Uganda. Ma-Peace Primary Schools is a CPPU project that supports refugees and orphans in the host communities to access relevant and equal education in Uganda .

Field Operations Assistant Etieen Samuel

Etieen Samuel is our Field Operations Assistant at Create Peace Project Uganda. Etieen holds a bachelor's degree in Peace and Conflict Management and is passionate about creating peaceful generations through entrepreneurial leadership development.

Office Attendant Hoima Regional Office, Murungi Sandra

Murungi Sandra is the new office attendant for Create Peace Project Uganda Hoima Regional Office. She is certified in secretarial and office management skills. Sandra is passionate about innovation and she has done much about this work. Sandra is the former secretary Uganda Red Cross Society Hoima Branch.

Secretary for Finance, Katwesige Athalia

Athalia is the new secretary for Finance Office at Create Peace Project Uganda Hoima Regional Office. She is certified in accountancy and finance management skills. Athalia is passionate about leadership and discovery. she is the former accountant/bursar at Day Star Christian-Based Secondary School in Hoima City, Uganda.


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... the girl child. the orphans. the needy. the mothers.

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Our main focus of running this campaign is to create awareness to the Youth, Women and Orphans from underdeveloped families/communities to develop their vision and make their dreams come true. This was after realizing what hinder peace in the community like; Early marriage/pregnancies, Defilement, Rape, Torture, Poverty, Domestic violence, Strikes in schools, Denied education, Diseases and Early loss of Parents.

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