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CPPU Projects

CPPU Projects

Create Peace projects that are on going.

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Education As a Project

We target starting up a vocation institution for students to supplement on government institutions and equip youths with practical skills so as to cope up with the present situation in the country.

Farming As A Project

Producing food for large families or communities is still a challenge, but with our hard working skills we can rise food for support of the project. We hope to get advanced farming machinery to increase productivity.

Health As a Project

We reach out communities around us we the best health care services we can provide as an organization, ranging from health care sensitization to mosquito nets distribution,sanitary pads and more.

Liquid Soap Project

Empowering Community, youths through teaching them to make things that give them money, like Liquid Soap it is also a project at the organisation.

Peace Clubs $ Academy

We train students on leadership skills from the CPLSA and how to co-operate with others by creating football teams which they compete for a trophy.


We help in Empowering of youths and women with skills, how to build self reliance confidence and sustainability in order to develop themselves. Give basic skills on social entrepreneurship.

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... the girl child. the orphans. the needy. the mothers.

Support Thousands of orphans and needy children

Our main focus of running this campaign is to create awareness to the Youth, Women and Orphans from underdeveloped families/communities to develop their vision and make their dreams come true. This was after realizing what hinder peace in the community like; Early marriage/pregnancies, Defilement, Rape, Torture, Poverty, Domestic violence, Strikes in schools, Denied education, Diseases and Early loss of Parents.

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