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Create Peace & Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy

Create Peace Leadership Academy.

Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy Project

Leadership Academy Leadership Academy
Leadership Academy Project Projects
  • Train them how to develop talent /skills that is to be creative
  • Soccer game music dance and drama competition.
  • Empowering youth with social leadership skills
  • How to develop relationship with community we belong to, through community work and helping the elderly.
  • How to be patriotic.
  • How to develop mind set {positive thinking } and peace building in their communities
  • Spiritual understanding on peace and reconciliation among themselves.
  • God’s/ Allah’s expectation towards YOUTH Age.
  • Encourage Education as the key to have Peace Set a ‘[Motto’ ‘’Education is peace’’].
  • Each Youth should start a project Back Home not to depend on their parents for everything they need in life.

Soccer Academy

Soccer Academy Project

Leadership Academy Airtel raising Stars
Soccer Academy Project Projects
Under the sports and psychosocial we have established the academy where we have both boys and girls who are training in various activities like training girls to play football, and boys.

Both teams have participated in national, regional games and local games. The boys team participated in the Airtel raising stars where we managed to be the second in Bunyoro region, the girls team took the trophy for the region. This has helped the youth to get barsuries in various schools around Hoima and outside Hoima district. We have given out 50 Footballs and 40 Netballs to our partner shools around Hoima and out side Hoima district to support sports and help unite the youth in the Region, we supported the Hoima disrtict legue by offering them a trophy for players to compet for. We have established a number of games to the youth in the academy, in schools and also in communities within Hoima and outsided hoima district this has anabled the youth to get exposed to many orpotunities in sharing skills and life challenges. Under the leadership and soccer academy we have the youth who are under 14 years, under 17 years, under 20 years and open age both being trained in sports and other activities.

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Our main focus of running this campaign is to create awareness to the Youth, Women and Orphans from underdeveloped families/communities to develop their vision and make their dreams come true. This was after realizing what hinder peace in the community like; Early marriage/pregnancies, Defilement, Rape, Torture, Poverty, Domestic violence, Strikes in schools, Denied education, Diseases and Early loss of Parents.

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